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    Making a Silicone Mold for Your Fangs
    and using pink Dental Acrylic

    Follow all the steps for Making Fangs up to and including sculpting your teeth. On this one I add a couple extra teeth. When we're ready to do the acrylic I'll show you how to use the Pink Dental Acrylic for gums. I also sprayed the sculpt with some Crystal Clear to help keep it from sticking to the silicone and making it easier to clean out. Follow all the steps for Making Fangs up to and including sculpting your teeth. On this one I add a couple extra teeth. When we're ready to do the acrylic I'll show you how to use the Pink Dental Acrylic for gums. I also sprayed the sculpt with some Crystal Clear to help keep it from sticking to the silicone and making it easier to clean out.

    Glue your positive dental mold you just made to the bottom of a container with hot glue. You don't want the container to be too big, just big enough so the edges don't touch.

    Were latex or vinyl gloves when using silicone. It is fairly safe but it is still a chemical. You will need approximately 12-16 oz of tin based mold silicone (shoreA@25). If you have bought our pint silicone kit you won't need to measure. If you are pouring out of a larger kit measure out 12oz base (part B) and 10%of that amount for the catalyst (part A). Measure by weight. Small digital scales are available at home office supplies store for about $10-$20. In a clean cup add the 2 components together and stir until thoroughly mixed. You will know when it is mixed when it is all one color. The catalyst has a pigment added to it for just this reason.

    Depending on the silicone you will have probably 30 to 90 minutes before the silicone starts setting. The silicone that comes with our little kit has a pot life of 30-45 minutes.
    It is nice to de-gas silicone. That is, putting it in a machine that will vacuum out all the bubbles. Our silicone does well without it, but if you have one go for it. One way to help alleviate bubbles (this makes the silicone stronger) is to pour the silicone from up high in a small thin stream. Or you can put a hole in the bottom of the container and let it leak out from there from up high.

    When you have completely covered your piece hit the sides of the container and/or pound on the table a bit to help the bubbles rise to the top.
    That's it. You made a silicone mold.
    Our silicone has a 4 hour demold time, which means let it sit for 4 hours then you can demold your piece.

    When mold is finished pull apart your molds. Clean the clay out of the silicone mold. If there is some clay reside you can clean it out with a little alcohol.


    Brush Alcote Separator on your labstone teeth mold. Let dry. This is a permanent mold. You can take your time with the Acrylics as this mold won't shrink and it can be used many times over.


    Fill the cavity in your silicone mold with white Dental Acrylic powder. Add the Dental Monomer (liquid) with an eyedropper. Mix the acrylics together in the mold with a small tool. Fill the cavity up to the bottom of the teeth. Just add more powder and a few drops of liquid until full. Do not overfill too much.

    Place the labstone teeth mold into the acrylic mix in the silicone mold and let sit until it cures, about 15 minutes.

    Pull your molds apart carefully. If the Acrylic sticks to the silicone just pull it out and place on the labstone plaster cast. If you didn't put the Alcote Separator on the section of mold for the gums do so now. This keeps the Acrylic from sticking to the plaster cast.

    Working on the front part of the teeth first apply some Acrylic liquid to the gum section of the mold using an eyedropper. Pour the Pink Acrylic over it. Add more liquid with the eyedropper and then some more Acrylic until it builds up a little. Then work in the back of the teeth the same way. Let your Acrylics set up until hard, about a half hour or so.

    Separate the teeth from your mold carefully. You may need to get a small tool to help pry it off. If you find that there is a small hole or the tips of your fangs are missing you can fill them up by dropping some Acrylic liquid on the spot and adding some white Dental Acrylic. Acrylic will stick to itself.

    Using a dremel tool file down around the gums and file the teeth into shape if need be. Clean off your dentures with water. Wearing latex gloves have your victim, I mean person who they were made for, try them on. You may need to dremel or file down some more before you get a perfect fit.

    If you want the teeth a bit darker let them sit in some coffee or tea to help stain them. You can also coat them with clear nail polish, but if you do don't wear them for a day to give the polish time to cure all the way.

    Special Notes:
  • For those of you who have never experienced alginate before here is a brief description. It is a temporary impression cream made from sea weed. It is non-toxic and so safe to put in your mouth. Dental alginate usually takes 3 minutes from the time the water hits the alginate to setting time, therefore you have approximately 3 minutes to work with it. A small trial run is always advised to check on a more exact setting time. It is temporary. After about 10-15 minutes it will start to shrink up. Do not use it for a permanent anything. If you want a permanent negative mold we have small silicone kits available.
  • Dental Acrylic Monomer (Liquid) has some harsh fumes so it is advisable to work in a well ventilated area.
  • Some people use Ultra-Cal 30 for their plaster mold but Labstone is much tougher and preferred by the professional artist.
  • Klean Klay is a plastilina clay that won't dry out. It can be smoothed out with water. You can use other plastilina clays. Most other plastilinas contain sulfur whereas Klean Klay doesn't. Klean Klay also comes in nifty little 1/4 lb sticks. Quite convenient.
  • If you don't have a dremel tool you can use a small metal file although it will take you much longer.

    Disclaimer: FX Warehouse Inc. will not be responsible for use of misuse of any products you may buy or use from us. Most of our products are for Professional Use only. Use at your own risk.