Create 1st & 2nd Degree Burns

Create 1st & 2nd Degree Burns

Materials Used:
6 Color Burn & Injury Wheel
Purple Creme Makeup
(or you can use Burns & Blisters Color Wheel)
Foam Makeup Sponge
Castor Oil

Apply the Coral color to area. Blending it in. This will give the effect of a bad sunburn or 1st degree burn.

Apply a little translucent powder to a puff and powder the makeup to set it.

For a 2nd Degree burn do the above step, then taking a foam sponge square apply the red makeup in spots, dabbing over the first makeup. Do not smooth out as you want a blotchy look.

Apply a little translucent powder to a puff and powder the makeup to set it.

Using a cue tip apply small dabs of castor oil over the makeup. You will be applying latex over these later and the castor oil will make it easy to lift it off of those areas. It will simulate broken blisters.

Squeeze out a little tuplast into little bloobs over other areas of makeup, not on top of castor oil. Tuplast is a liquid plastic and will later simulate blisters.

Pour a little liquid latex onto a foam sponge and stipple (dab) over all the area where there is makeup, castor oil and tuplast. The latex will dry clear but leave a shine. Skin that is burnt looks shiny.

Let latex dry.

Using a steel spatula, or break a tongue depressor in half, gently pick apart the latex that is dried over the castor oil. Do not remove, just make a small hole in the latex.

Scoop a little dark purple color, from your Burns & Blister Wheel or single creme makeup color.

Using a brush apply it inside the rim of the hole in the latex where the castor oil was. This will simulate broken skin.

On a tongue depressor, or mixing palette, take a little of the red and add a small amount of castor oil to make a makeup wash. Apply around tuplast blisters. This will help them stand out.

You may powder the makeup to help set it, if you wish.

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