Hi-Ro Slip was developed and designed as an additive to create self-releasing silicone molds for prosthetic transfers. Transfers can be stubborn when trying to release them their silicone molds and usually requires applying a release agent to the molds before hand. The problem with the use of release agents is that they can create build up on your transfers and require washing and extra gluing to restore their adhesiveness. Hi-Ro Slip eliminates this constant use of release agents and unneeded steps, thereby creating a more efficient process and allowing you to run better quality prosthetic transfers.

Step 1: Items Needed

  • Hi-Ro Slip
  • RTV Silicone such as 1065 with Hi Pro BLUE Catalyst. (or Tinsil 70-25)
  • Freezer (needed for charging the mold. See step 8)

Step 2: Mix Your Silicone

Mix your silicone as normally directed. Silicone 1065 usually uses a 10:1 ratio (base to catalyst).

Step 3: Add correct amount of Hi-Ro Slip to silcone mix (12 or 140/o)

Once your silicone is fully mixed, its time to add the correct amount of Hi-Ro Slip. 12% Hi-Ro Slip to silicone base (not the total weight of base and catalyst) is the recommended amount. Each silicone mold you create will have to be "Charged" (activation of Hi-Ro Slip) in the freezer after demolding. Using Hi-Ro Slip at 12% will need a charge time of 12 hours in a freezer, following demold.

If a quicker use of your mold is required, a 14% ratio of Hi-Ro Slip to base may be used, reducing charge time to 4 hours.


Base Hi-Ro Slip (12%) Hi-Ro Slip (14%)
100g 12g 14g
450g 54g 63g

Make Sure to Mix Thoroughly.

Note: Your silicone mix with the added Hi-Ro Slip will seem to have a lower viscosity. This is normal.

Step 4: Use an Evacuator (recommended only)

Evacuate your now Hi-Ro Slip infused silicone mix with an evacuator. An evaluator helps remove any trapped air within the mix, lowering the chance of air bubbles within your mold(s).

Step 5: Pour Your Silicone

Step 6: Let Cure

Let your silicone mold(s) fully kick for the normal 5-6 hours or time recommended by manufacturer.

Step 7: Demold Your Silicone Mold(s)

Step 8: Charge Mold(s) Before Use

Place your Hi-Ro Slip silicone mold(s) into the freezer for the recommended charge time.

  • 12 hours for 12% Hi-Ro Slip
  • 4 hours for 14% Hi-Ro Slip

Step 9: Remove and Let Warm

Remove your Hi-Ro Slip silicone mold(s) and let them warm up naturally. Once defrosted to room temperature, your Hi-Ro Slip silicone mold(s) are ready for filling and running transfers faster than ever.