Using Derma (Mortician's) Wax

Derma Wax, sometimes called Mortician's Wax, or Nose & Scar Wax is a pliable wax material used to build up to make cuts and small wounds.

Mortician's Wax

Supplies We Used:
Derma Wax
Steel Spatula
Flexible Collodion
Cue Tips
Creme Foundation
Foam Sponge Wedge
Translucent Powder
Powder Puff
Fake Blood

Clean the skin well with alcohol or sea breeze. Take a small amount of the putty and roll a small piece into a little roll shape.

Place it against the skin. Don't squish it down. With a steel spatula or popsicle stick blend the outside of the wax into the skin. Leaving a small bump in the middle, this is where the cut will be.

Take your steel spatula and 'cut' into the wax, not sliding the spatula through, but just placing it down and pushing in. If you slide it through it will probably peel up the wax. Make a single slice, branch it out, or just pluck it out of the middle of a round patch for a round open wound.

Take a cue tip and dunk it in the flexible collodion. The collodion will 'seal' the wax so it can be painted with makeup and blood.

With a foam sponge wedge take a little of a creme foundation that matches the skin and lightly dab it on, but not inside cut part, and around the edges to blend into skin.

Sprinkle a little translucent powder on a puff and 'powder' the wound to set the foundation color.

With a brush or cue tip apply fake blood.

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