You can use gelatin for all kinds of quick great effects. I'll show you here how to make burns and oozy open wounds. A great book that shows gelatin application is Dick Smith's Monster Makeup Book, available at FX Warehouse on-line or in our retail shop.

FX Warehouse has a ready made gelatin makeup that comes in single colors or kit called Gellflesh. Or you can make your own gelatin makeup. There's a great gelatin formula at the end of this How-To- Guide. You can also buy this in a kit form from us.

Equipment I used:
Gellflesh Kit - includes 1 clear, 1 flesh & 1 blood gellflesh
Blood Color Makeup - I used Kryolan Aquacolor in LAKE
Latex or Vinyl Gloves
Tongue Depressors
Stove or Microwave

Gellflesh, or your own gelatin makeup, is solid when it cools. So you will have to warm it up to apply.

Using Gelatin for Burns & Scars

I put my Gellflesh in a pot of water on the stove at medium temperature. You can also microwave it, but be careful and do it at ½ minute intervals. If you cook too long in the microwave it may bubble out of the container.

Using Gelatin for Burns & Scars

I dragged my son and his friend inside for my victims. Yeah, they look sweet . . .but... Here's their before picture.

Using Gelatin for Burns & Scars

I start by adding color before the gelatin. If you are making just scars then don't add color. Greens & purples are great for Zombie stuff. Just about any kind of makeup will work. I like the Kryolan Aquacolors because they go on flat and don't smear. I used a color called LAKE. It's a great one to have in your kit, works wonders when you are doing blood effects. So, with a barely wet brush I apply the makeup.

Using Gelatin for Burns & Scars

I warmed up the Gellflesh, tested it on the back of my hand before applying. Using a tongue depressor I squeezed some blood color Gellflesh on it and then spread it on my son's face. Some parts were a bit lumpier than others, but that's what makes it look so realistic.

Using Gelatin for Burns & Scars

I then added a few different layers of flesh color & clear Gellflesh. Use any combination of colors you want. I put it up into his hairline. All he needed to do totake it off wash use warm water and some soap.

Using Gelatin for Burns & Scars

When the gelatin starts cooling off it becomes a bit more sticky. You can pull up some of it and let it flop or string across the makeup. You could also use a powdered puff and 'set' the gelatin makeup between layers with the powder to help it build up a bit more. To do that take a powder puff, add powder to it, rubbing the puff together to get it even. Lightly tap the makeup with the puff. It will dull the finish. To make it a bit more shiny, take off the excess powder with a damp sponge dabbed on the powdered part. I didn't use the powder at all on this makeup. I liked the slick oozy look of it and didn't want a big build up.

Using Gelatin for Burns & Scars

The damage is done and here's our victims. Thanks Luke (my son) and his buddy Tanner.

Basic Gelatin Formula

NOTE: You can double, triple...this formula. Very small or large batches aren't as easy to mix up as a medium size.

80 grams th cup Glycerin
80 grams th cup Sorbitol
40 grams th cup Gelatin

NOTE: The weights are different but the volumes are actually the same on all 3 ingredients.

½ gram ½ tsp. Zinc Oxide

Flocking to desired effect, about ½ tsp. or less if mixing colors. Cosmetic Pigment in your choice of flesh color. (You can also use cake makeup - ground up fine)

In a microwave safe bowl mix most of the Sorbitol and glycerin. Leave a small amount of the Sorbitol out so you can mix the Zinc Oxide into it before adding it all together. Slowly add the Gelatin to the Sorbitol and glycerin mixture. Then add in the Zinc Oxide mixed in the small amount of Sorbitol and some flocking. If you are adding flesh pigment or red blood pigment (you can use any color) mix the pigment into a small amount of Sorbitol before adding to the batch. Heat it in the microwave for another minute or two but be careful it doesn't bubble over the container.

Disclaimer: FX Warehouse Inc. will not be responsible for use of misuse of any products you may buy or use from us. Most of our products are for Professional Use only. Use at your own risk.