Paradise Palettes

Product Details

Paradise Makeup AQ is a moist, semi-soft cake makeup which features vibrant colors that dry quickly with minimal rub-off. They are easily removed with soap and water. This makeup is safe and gentle on the skin. These palettes have a large mirror and include a brush for application.
1. Base Palette includes:
Colors included: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and Brown.
2. Pastel Palette includes:
Light Pink, Purple, Teal, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Brown, Violet and Dark Pink
3. Tropical Palette includes:
Lagoon Blue, Storm Cloud, Beach Berry, Amazon Green, Lime, Coral, Mango and Wild Orchid
4. Brilliant includes:
Gold Metal, Silver Bullet, Copper Penny, Bronze Star, Hot Rod Green, Cherry Bomb Red, Sunset Reflection Orange and Blue Steel
Paradise Palettes