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Product Details

 This is for the FACE Foam latex prosthetic ONLY . Buy just the face or add custom made ear tips This is a top quality prosthetic set.
Also available is our Top Quality wig and contacts. and see specifics on makeup kits
The pro kit includes adhesive, remover, sponges and enough makeup for 1 application.

NOTE: If you order contacts:

Gothika lenses are FDA-Cleared, with the *VerifyMyLenses stamp of approval*, so you can feel safe that you're getting the best.  Provide your eye care provider's info, or wherever you had a contact lens fitting in an email to sales@fxwarehouse.info. Your order will not ship until your Rx is approved. It usually takes 1 to 2 days to verify.

These contacts are labeled 'non-perscription' and by law, we still need a prescription. If you want a specific Rx for these we can order them for you and might take a week or so to ship them to you. Our non prescription contacts are in stock and we can ship them out sooner than ones that need a specific prescription filled. If you have any questions please contact us 215-423-5300 or sales@fxwarehouse.info .  

OUT OF STOCK Navi Blue Cat Prosthetic  Like Avatar