RCMA 4 Color Flesh Wheels

Product Details

These handy and compact foundation kit wheels fit conveniently in any makeup kit or bag. The easy spreading creams contain no fragrance, petroleum, mineral oils, or lanolin and are the professional artist’s choice to use for Photography, TV film, Video, Brides, or even for every day wear. They apply like a second skin rather than a heavy coat of foundation, and with long lasting coverage, wear, and need very little maintenance.
The 4 shades included in each wheel are listed here:
"A" contains KO-1, KO-2, KO-3, KO-4
"B" contains KO-5, KO-6, KO-7, KO-8
"C" contains SH-1, SH-2, SH-3, SH-4
"D" contains SH-5, SH-6, SH-7, SH-8
"E" contains MB-1, MB-2. MB-3, MB-4
"F" contains MB-5, MB-6, MB-7, MB-8
"G" contains Olive-1, Olive-2, Olive-3, Olive-4
"H" contains KT-1, KT-2, KT-3, KT-4

For ease in applying this foundation more transparently, use RCMA Foundation Thinner as a makeup extender. This product helps to thin out the foundation simply by applying this directly to your sponge or foundation brush before taking up the product on it. The foundation is so highly pigmented that when you apply it in this fashion you can adjust the amount of coverage from sheer to full, or just lightly even out the skin tone for completely natural, clean looking results that feels next to nothing in wear.
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RCMA 4 Color Flesh Wheels

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