Beast Maskette Unpainted

Product Details

This is a slush latex 2 piece maskette with a set of plastic canine teeth. It's like a Halloween mask you might have purchased in the past. It's not meant to be glued to your skin. We suggest gluing Velcro straps to make this an easy quick change makeup. No instructions are included with this set.

This is for the Beast 3 piece set only! but you can add on these other products to finish your piece
Used to color this piece we used brown no tack PAX paint which was powdered over with translucent powder to set. The teeth we glued into the bottom lip with Pros-Aide adhesive but you might be able to use a different stronger glue if you have it. Also used in the painted version was black & tan RMG makeups that were thinned with alcohol to blend it. Attach crepe hair (which you would have to straighten) with Pros-Aide adhesive.
Also available is our Beast Cowl

Beast Maskette Unpainted