OUT OF STOCK Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit

Product Details

Includes critical simulation materials and tools, expert directions and and a heavy duty carrying case. All components are available individually with no minimum purchase. Civilian and Military trainers say it's the most effective kit available on the market.
Kit Includes
2 16oz Movie Blood
1 8oz Thick Blood
1 Blood Gel
1 4oz Wicked Blood Powder
1 Pack Blood Capsules
1 8oz Nose & Scar Wax
1 8oz Bone Wax
1 2oz Kit 3rd Degree
1 2oz Kit Gel-Flesh
1 Pack Tongue Depressors
6 Mini Brush Kits
6 Powder Puffs
4 Packs Sponge Wedges
1 16oz Charcoal Powder
1 4oz Spirit Gum
1 1oz Spirit Gum
1 8oz Spirit Gum Remover
3 3D Wound Transfers
6 Latex Wound Appliances
1 8oz Flesh Liquid Latex
2 Plaster Wound Molds
2 4oz Setting Powder
6 Powder Puffs
4 Black Stipple Sponges
1 Ben Nye Trauma Wheel
1 Ben Nye Severe Exposure Wheel
1 Ben Nye Master Disaster Makeup Wheel
1 Bruise Wheel
1 Burn Wheel
1 Carrying Case
Set of Makeup Instructions
Total cost of products if purchased separately $549.00
OUT OF STOCK Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit