Grinch Prosthetic & Application Makeup Kit

Product Details

This kit include the UNPAINTED Grinch Prosthetic along with a makeup application kit with our own PAX Grinch Green Makeup. PAX is an adhesive makeup that is very strong and needs a special remover. It is apply with a sponge, or thinned down and airbrushed. It is used to color the prosthetic as well as the skin. If carefully removed the prosthetic can be used again, but we do not guarantee a 2nd use.

Most professional makeup artists apply a 'warming' Autumn Leaves pax before a coat of the Grinchy Green PAX. It gives the end result more depth. It is not included in the kit. You can purchase it separately.

Included in the kit
Grinch prosthetic
1 oz Grinchie Green PAX Paint
2 RMG Makeups for Highlite & Shadow
1 oz Pro Adhesive
2 oz Adhesive Remover
Brush set
4 Makeup sponges
1 Mini translucent face powder
1 Deluxe powder puff
1 oz 99% alcohol
1 Black stipple sponge
Grinch Green Fur for Eyebrows

NOTE: Winter Warning: This kit includes Pros-aide and if frozen may ruin. Suggested shipping is overnite or 2nd day air. Check the map to see if you are close enough to Philadelphia to go ground with a 1 to 2 day ship. Order at your own risk during freezing weather.

Grinch Prosthetic & Application Makeup Kit