Pro Prosthetic Application Makeup Kit

Product Details

Professional kits for prosthetic application.
Included: Pro Adhesive, which is a very strong makeup adhesive, adhesive remover, 3-4 RMG makeup foundations (enough for 1 or 2 applications), power, puff, stipple sponge, Brush Set, foam Wedges,  and instructions for application and removal.
** Basic Kit - no RMG makeup included
** Caucasian Fair works for all straight, character or Vampires
** Caucasian Med Skin for all straight, character or medium skin Vampire
** Zombie 1 palette includes: bone, black, LAKE(deep purple), yellow & clotted blood
** Zombie 2 palette includes: bone, black, Green, blood, yellow
** Beast, this kit also includes larger RMG base & crepe hair for the face.

We suggest you check out our online How-To on application of a Prosthetic in our how to section.

NOTE: Winter Warning: This kit includes Pros-aide and if frozen may ruin. Suggested shipping is overnite or 2nd day air. Check the map to see if you are close enough to Philadelphia to go ground with a 1 to 2 day ship. Order at your own risk during freezing weather.

Pro Prosthetic Application Makeup Kit