Beast Pro Application Kit

Product Details

Does NOT include prosthetic. This professional makeup application kit includes our exclusive rubber mask grease paint makeup palette for applyingover foam latex prosthetics.
Also in the kit:3 wedges sponges, 1 stipple sponge, 1brush set, 1oz 99% alcohol, 1oz Pro adhesive, 2oz adhesive remover, 1 powder & 1 puff, 1crepe hair and instruction on applying prosthetic and makeup as wellas removal instructions. See our How To section on applying our Beast prosthetic.

NOTE: Winter Warning: This kit includes Pros-aide and if frozen may ruin. Suggested shipping is overnite or 2nd day air. Check the map to see if you are close enough to Philadelphia to go ground with a 1 to 2 day ship. Order at your own risk during freezing weather.

Beast Pro Application Kit