OUT OF STOCK Pros-Aide No Tack

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This Pros-Aide is specially made so it is NOT tacky after using as PAX. PAX Paint is used as makeup for applications where the makeup must stay on for long periods of time. It also works well as a paint for prosthetics and masks.
Formula for PAX is 50/50 pros-aide/liquitex paint medium
No Tack PAX wouldn't be sticky, like the original formula for PAX. Because it is Tack Free, no powdering is needed.

WINTER WARNING: If this product freezes during shipping in winter months, there is a chance it can ruin. Suggested shipping, if not already within our 2 day shipping window, is 2nd day or next day air. Order at your own risk during these freezing days.
OUT OF STOCK Pros-Aide No Tack