OUT OF STOCK Prosthetic Transfer Material Clear

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Clear P.T.M. was made for creating the highest quality Prosthetic Transfers (Bondo Transfers, ProBondo Transfers, Pros Aide Transfers). It provides you seamless continuity with color and consistancy. Gives you immediate access to ready made material for production deadlines and reduces costly efforts when trying to produce your own transfer material.

P.T.M. is formulated and manufactured by Christien Tinsley and ADM Tronics. Christien Tinsley who owns and operates Tinsley Studio was the creator of the innovative process called the Prosthetic Transfer that garnered him an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. ADM Tronics founded and manufactures the revolutionary water based adhesive called Pros Aide which is the base used for P.T.M.
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OUT OF STOCK Prosthetic Transfer Material Clear

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