OUT OF STOCK PlatSil Gel 10

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PlatSil Gel-10 can be made to simulate human tissue. It's also a great silicone for lifecasting just like you would use BodyDouble. PlatSil Gel-10 allows you to formulate your own soft silicone from the basic Shore A-10 hardness rubber. PlatSil Gel-10 is colorless, translucent and rapid curing with surprising tear strength. To make it soft add up to 250% Smith's Deadner.

Painting directly onto silicone can be challenging as there are not many paint materials that adhere well to silicone or stay in place when it stretches.
To color add our Flesh Cosmetic pigment, Polytek Silicone pigments or use artist's oil paints you purchase from your local art or craft store, added to part B before you mix the components. Seal the piece with Soft Sealer to make if you'll be using regular Makeup such as Skin Illutrators.

Platsil Retarder slows the set up time of PlatSil Gel 10.
Adding 1% of the total weight of your mix will double your working time.
You can add up to 3%.

Tek-Tip: Painting with PlatSil Gel-10 & Silicone Pigments
Measure & Mix PlatSil Gel-10. PlatSil Gel-10 has a mix ratio of 1A:1B by weight or volume. Carefully measure and mix a small amount.
Add Naphtha to the mixed PlatSil Gel-10. We add the solvent at a 1:1 ratio, but you can add more or less depending on how thin you want the mixture to be.
Naphtha is a flammable solvent – care should be taken when handling. Make sure to use solvent-resistant mixing containers and tools. You can find Naphtha at your hardware store.
Very carefully mix the components – it is important to mix slowly as Naphtha is prone to splashing. Mix until the silicone breaks up and dissolves.
NOTE: The addition of Naphtha will increase working time. Standard working time for PlatSil Gel-10 is 30 minutes. The addition of this solvent could potentially double that time
Select the Silicone Color Pigments desired for the project.
Place the desired pigment (or blend of pigments) into a mixing container and then add a small amount of the PlatSil Gel/Naphtha mixture to the pigment and mix.
Brush or stipple on.
When finished with one color, make sure to run a hair dryer over the surface of the model for a few minutes before proceeding to the next color. If you add a second color before running the hair dryer, the colors will bleed together.
Baby powder can be dusted on to the surface to reduce shine.
OUT OF STOCK PlatSil Gel 10