FX RMG Makeup Palettes

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$22.95 each
Rubber Mask Grease is specially formulated to go over foam latex prosthetics, latex masks & other latex appliances. RMG contains castor oil and so tends to be greasier than regular crème makeup. Can be used on skin as well. Powder to set.
Light Flesh - 4 light flesh, 1 highlight
Medium Flesh - 4 medium flesh, 1 highlight
Dark Flesh - 4 dark flesh, 1 highlight
Zombie 1 - bone white, yellow, red, dark blood red, black
Zombie 2 - black, red bone white, yellow, mold green
Beast - 2 chocolate brown, dark brown, black, highlight
Ogre - highlight, lite lip, ogre green, brown, shading green
Phantom Of The Opera - black, highlight, shading, red, light flesh
FX RMG Makeup Palettes