OUT OF STOCK Terminator 4 Palette

Product Details

The Skin Illustrator T-4 Palette was custom created exclusively for Emmy winning and Academy nominated make up artist, Mike Smithson, for use on the fourth installment of the hit "Terminator" film series, "Terminator Salvation". As makeup effects department head, Mike chose this selection of ten Skin Illustrator colors as the best combination to meet his needs for this effects heavy Scifi-action thriller. We are now proud to have this palette available to the public.
Activate with 99% alcohol, iso-gel or skin illustrator activator. Remover with Super Solv or Telesis makeup remover

NOTE: IF you add 99% alcohol to your order, 99% alcohol is Flammable and can only ship ground UPS within USA, no International shipping. The palette itself is not and can ship any way and anywhere.
OUT OF STOCK Terminator 4 Palette