Silicone Color Pigments

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$9.50    each 1oz
$20.95  each 4 oz
Polytek Silicone Color Pigments are designed to be used with any TinSil or PlatSil rubber to create custom colors for both mold making and casting applications. Silicone Colors can be used to change the color of brushed layers of rubbers so a mold maker can see that adequate coverage and thickness has been achieved. In the case of casting, Silicone Colors are extensively used for pigmenting
PlatSil Gel-10 when used to make theatrical prosthetic appliances. Silicone Color Fleshtone is popular for skin tone applications, but these pigments can be used in any combination to achieve a desirable color.
Silicone Color Pigments
1oz Silicone Pigment $9.50 each:

4oz Silicone Pigment $19.95 each: