Andorian Foam Latex Prosthetic 2nds by MWA

Product Details

One of the most popular Star Trek Makeups. Soft and flexible, moves and looks like real skin. Apply with Pros-aide. You can use PAX Paint, Water Activated or Rubber Mask Grease paint. See the tutorial here for how to apply and do makeup. The piece in the tutorial is our older version of this prosthetic, but very similar to the product sold here.

This is a 2nd, which means it will have small flaws such as a bad edge or filed small holes. Once the makeup is applied, however, you won't be able to tell the 1st pulls (also available on our website) and these 2nd pulls.

Made in house here at FX Warehouse for MWA brand.
Andorian Foam Latex Prosthetic 2nds by MWA

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