Thom's Monster Mouth Stains/Spray

Product Details

10ml spray bottle
This product contains FD&C food grade food coloring dyes in a minty syrup base. This is an awesome product to finish off a makeup to give it that movie quality. Suggested use is to blot the inside of your mouth with a paper towel or tissue to remove excess saliva. Then simply spray 1 or 2 times directly into the mouth, swish it around to stain the inside of your mouth. Use each color separately or together to create a monstrous mouth effect. The Zombie Mouth Stain is great for zombies and other monsters. The Werewolf Mouth Stain is great for Werewolves and vampires.
Contains sugar so hose who have problems with high blood pressure use at your own discretion. The concentration of dye will leave a lasting effect. This product may stain some fabrics. Caution should be taken when spraying directly into the mouth, do not get into eyes.
For Professional Use Only
Thom's Monster Mouth Stains/Spray