TinSil 80-30 Tin Mold Silicone Shore A30

Product Details

TinSilĀ® 80-30 is a 1A:10B mix ratio, tin-cured silicone with a mid-range hardness and a tough, snappy, high-tear cure.
Molds made from TinSil 80-30 are often used for casting polyurethane, epoxy and polyester resin, as well as foam, wax, soap, plaster, and more. Release agent is not required for most casting applications.
This rubber can be poured as is, or can be thickened with TinThix liquid thickening agent for brush-on molds.
Mix Ratio 1A:10B
Shore Hardness A30 Pour Time 45min.
Cured Color Peach
Mixed Viscosity 17,000cp
Demold Time 24 hr.
TinSil 80-30 Tin Mold Silicone Shore A30