Warm Body Bodies Makeup Palette

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5 Choice colors to make you a Warm Body. Cream foundations in deathly colors.

First the green neutralizer is applied with latex sponge wedge. This gets ride of the healthy red in a person's complexion. Next apply the Warm Body flesh color and smooth out all over face, ears, neck and hands. Stipple yellow 'highlight'. Apply Blood red under eye and smudge. With a cut down powder brush apply charcoal powder under cheeks. With a eye brush apply charcoal powder around eye. Not too much. This is a suttle makeup. Blue veining on neck and paint the mouth blue as well adding some charcoal powder around corners to bring depth. Powder the whole piece with translucent powder. Using 'Thom's Warm Bodies Mouth Stain' dry out inside of mouth. Spray between inside lip and front of teeth to darken the inside of the mouth.
Warm Body Bodies Makeup Palette

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