OUT OF STOCK Pros-Aide Adhesive

Product Details

Made by Admtronics. Pros-Aide A very strong, waterproof adhesive for use on prosthetics. To use, first brush onto skin area prosthetic will be placed. Then brush onto prosthetic and apply to skin. Let dry and attach. This is a 'contact' adhesive. Avoid eye area. Remove with Agent X, Super Solve, or Bond Off!. Also used to make PAX paint.
Pros-aide is an acrylic adhesive and could freeze and ruin when shipping in Winter months. We suggest 2nd or Next Day Air. Order at your own risk at that time. If you are close enough to our location in Philadelphia express shipping may not be needed. Check our FAQ page to see how long an order will take to reach you.
OUT OF STOCK Pros-Aide Adhesive