Witch Nose & Chin Set Wochie slip latex - Adult size

Product Details

Wooche's Wicked Witch Nose and Chin appliance set provides flesh-colored latex pieces that make it easy to create a convincing character design. Life-like design includes a crooked bridge, pointed tip, and perfectly placed wart on the nose. The chin enhances the classic witch profile with a substantial point and two warts. Simply adhere, blend with latex, and apply cream makeup for a convincing movie-grade special effect at home. Spirit gum adhesive, latex, and cream makeup sold separately.
Apply with Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover.
Pro Tip Use Pros-Aide to adhere. Use Pros-Aide Cream to fill in ridges and around the seams. Don't forget the Pros-Aide Remover!
RMG (Rubber Mask Grease) paint is the best makeup to use on these pieces, set with translucent powder
Witch Nose & Chin Set Wochie slip latex - Adult size