Casting Latex (Mask Latex) RD407

Product Details

Casting Latex is liquid rubber used to make masks, body parts, as a skin over polyurethane foams. We carry the highest quality of latex available.
How It Works: When latex is poured into plaster (a porous material) the plaster pulls the water out of the latex and makes it skin.
Latex can be pre-colored using acrylic paints such as Liquitex or GM latex pigments. When dying latex, test as you go, it will dry darker than it looks.
Paint your finished piece with Latex Paint Base and Flexible Sealer. Use our Blood Paint for added gore.

WINTER WARNING: If latex freezes it can ruin. Order at your own risk during winter months. Suggested shipping options: Next day or 2nd Day air.
Casting Latex (Mask Latex) RD407