Abbey Normal Frankenstein Foam Latex Prosthetic

Product Details

Woochie Pro is the same professional foam latex product used in the film industry and is designed to realistically allow for facial movements and expressions. Use Rubber Mask Grease makeup for the desired professional look. Makeup sold separately. These comfortable prosthetics can be worn over extended periods of time for celebrations that last all night. Full facial Abbey Normal prosthetic.
Neck Bolts are not included but you can add them.
We like to use Frankie Grey Rubber Mask grease (RMG) paint to paint our pieces. RMG is one of the preferred makeups to use on foam latex prosthetics. Using a sponge wedge apply the RMG to the prosthetic. Powder over the RMG to set makeup. Then apply highlights and shading as you wish.
Abbey Normal Frankenstein Foam Latex Prosthetic