Demon Biker Foam Latex Prosthetics

Product Details

Created, sculpted, molded and final makeup by award winning makeup artist Thom Surprenant.

Made of foam latex these are 3D that move with skin. We suggest you apply with Pros-aide adhesive and not spirit gum. Spirit gum is a resin and when it starts to dry it cracks and your piece will start coming off.

Foam latex prosthetics are basically a 1 time use, because each time you remove it you'll loose part of the blending edge. If you are very careful, take your time, and use a lot of remover you may be able to use it multiple times. If you do this, after it's removed, clean the piece and let it sit out for 24 hours for the remover to dissipate, then powder and put in a ziplock bag stored away from light.

Best makeup to use: PAX Paint, which is an adhesive paint or RMG (rubber mask grease). This finished makeup was done with Thom Surprenant's PAX paint.

Demon Biker Foam Latex Prosthetics