Andorian Foam Latex Prosthetic by MWA

Product Details

Foam Latex prosthetic and antennae.

The makeup used for this finished makeup is PAX paint, which is an adhesive makeup and sticks to latex without cracking. Apply with a sponge wedge and set with translucent powder to set and get rid of stickiness of the PAX.

Attach to face with pros-aide or pro adhesive, attaching the antennae to the forehead with pros-aide as well. Foam latex prosthetics are basically a one time use. Every time you remove the piece you loose part of the blending edge. If you take your time, use a lot of remover, and carefully take it off you may be able to get a 2nd or possibly 3rd use.

Add our Pro application kit which includes:
1 oz Andor blue
2 small pots blue, lavender makeup
1oz pros aide
2oz adhesive remover
4 sponge wedges
powder puff

Click the link to the left to see how the makeup is done.

Andorian Foam Latex Prosthetic by MWA

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