Andorian Foam Latex Prosthetic by MWA

Product Details

3 piece foam latex prosthetics. Apply with pros-aide, which you can also use to attach the antennae.
Foam latex is soft and moves with your skin, so it's very realistic.

Foam latex prosthetics are basically a 1 time use. Each time you remove the piece you loose part of the blending edge. If you use a lot of remover, and take your time you might be able to use it again. Using a brush or cotton soak around the edge of the prosthetic until it starts to loosen from the skin. If you reuse it, clean the adhesive off with remover, let the remover dissipate , powder it and then store in a zip lock bag away from sunlight.

If you use rubber mask grease paint you'll need a translucent powder to set it or it may smear.

#1  Purchase this 3 piece set unpainted $59.00
#2  3 Pc Set & 1oz pro adhesive & 2oz adhesive remover  Additional $15.00
#3 3 Pc Set & Makeup Palette  (5" rubber mask grease paint 5 color palette)  Additional $28.00
#4  3Pc Set plus pro makeup kit that includes:
RMG makeup palette
1oz pro adhesive
2oz adhesive remover
Small brush kit
4 Sponge Wedges
1 translucent powder
1 powder puff  
Additional cost of $59

WINTER WARNING for adhesive : if you ware purchasing the pro adhesive with this piece , be aware: If pro adhesive freezes during freezing weather it will become solid and unusable. I do not guarantee this item during freezing weather. Order at your own risk. I will not refund or replace for this item. Thank you
Andorian Foam Latex Prosthetic by MWA

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