Klingon Foam Latex Forehead and Nose

Product Details

Designed, sculpted and molded by award winning makeup artist Thom Surprenant. This fine foam latex prosthetic will make any Klingon jealous.
Apply with pros-aide, which is a professional adhesive that will keep this piece on until you take it off. Foam latex pieces are usually a 1 time application. Each time you take it off you loose part of the blending edge and degrade the foam a little. If you take your time, and carefully remove it you may be able to get a few uses out of it. Remove with Agent X, Super Solv or Bond Off!.

Suggested makeup is PAX Paint, which is an adhesive makeup. You can also paint your skin with it but you will then need a good remover such as the Pros-Aide & PAX remover or Agent X.

Available for purchase separately or as a set.

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Klingon Foam Latex Forehead and Nose

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