Grinch Maskette

Product Details

A latex maskette that fits only the face without chin. Comfortable to wear, no glue needed and easy off, easy on. You can purchase separately or order accessories, such as the makeup kit that comes with PAX paint, brushes & sponges. These are blanks so you'll need to paint them yourself. Add Velcro straps around the back to fit.

This is NOT glued to your face. It's like a Halloween 1/2 mask that you just pull on and take off with straps.

Makeup kit includes 1oz Grinchie Green & 1oz Warming PAX paint, Shading makeup, sponge wedges, setting powder, Powder brush, fur for eyebrows, lining brush, Instructions.

Velcro & mini glue kit can be added to this item for extra $10

Grinch Maskette