Grouch Prosthetic Foam Latex Prosthetic

Product Details

 $69 is for prosthetic Only. You can add more items to fit your design.

A soft flesh like foam latex prosthetic. This is for the Prosthetic Only and you can add other items to complete your makeup. If you want to add the kit you can add it here.

Again this is for the PROSTHTIC ONLY you add the kit which is described below.

Click the link to the left and see how this is applied.

Makeup and hair not included. This piece will fit an adult. But realize that there may be some faces where it doesn't fit without some kind of compensation.

Included in the kit:

1 oz Grinchie Green PAX Paint
4 RMG Makeups
1 oz Pro Adhesive
2 oz Adhesive Remover
Brush set
4 Makeup sponges
1 Mini translucent face powder
1 Deluxe powder puff
1 Black stipple sponge
Grinch Green Fur for Eyebrows

We also offer paint services. We paint the prosthetic, leaving a small edge unpainted for application. And add the eyebrows on as well. NOTE: depending on time of year and how busy we are this can take from 2 to 7 days to paint.

Grouch Prosthetic Foam Latex Prosthetic

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