Beast Foam Latex Prosthetic Set by MWA

Product Details

2 piece prosthetic & teeth The Beast! This is for the Prosthetic set only, does not include cowl/hood or kit, those you purchase separately.

Top quality in foam latex prosthetics. We suggest you have an experienced special fx makeup artist apply these.You can do it yourself, just take your time.

Foam latex prosthetics are basically a 1 time use. If you are very careful, use a lot of remover and take your time you may be able to get multiple uses. However, each time you remove the piece you loose part of the blending edge and the foam will deteriorate a bit because of handling.

Purchase the Pro Application kit to adhere and Paint.

The kit includes :

3 wedges sponges, 1 stipple sponge, 1brush set, 1 Makeup Palette, 1oz Pro adhesive, 2oz adhesive remover, 1 powder & 1 puff, 1crepe hair and instruction on applying prosthetic and makeup & removal instructions.

See our How To section on applying our Beast prosthetic. .
Also available, with the purchase of the prosthetic only, not alone, is latex rubber cowl. It's blank and has to be painted and haired. The horns come separately and you glue them on with the adhesive supplied. You can either paint it with Chocolate Brown rubber mask grease paint (you'll need to 'set' that with a translucent powder or it will smear) OR Chocolate Brown PAX (which is an adhesive paint and does not smear)
The finished makeup here he used Pax for the hood/cowl and Rubber Mask Grease (rmg) for the face.

If you add the cowl, make note that the ears are NOT attached. We attached them here to show how they look, then you would paint it and glue crepe hair or a wig. We attach horns using a hot glue gun, running a line of hot glue along the inner opening and liquid latex along the outside of the flange. The hot glue will keep it attached and allow the latex to dry creating a tighter application. The cowl measures 23" on the forehead and 21" at the neck. No guarantee on size, as this is not a piece that can be measured properly. Our forehead might not be your forehead.

Or you can just purchase the latex horns and attach to your own hood or cowl.

Beast Foam Latex Prosthetic Set by MWA

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