Lumiere Foam Latex Prosthetic for Beauty and the Beast

Product Details

Made of foam latex so it fits right to the skin and moves in a natural manner. Apply with Pros-Aide. Foam latex prosthetics are basically 1 time use. If very careful removing you may get a few applications. Every time you take it off it takes off some of the blending edge and the piece will start to degrade from handling. If used within 24 hours it may not stick because the remover may not be totally evaporated from the piece. See our How To section on applying and removing a foam latex prosthetic.

Add the slip latex (like a Halloween mask) cowl to finish the look. The cowl is trimmed to fit and glued along the edges where it meets the face. This can be used many times if carefully removed. Apply edges with Pros-aide, remove with Super Solv or Bond Off!
Add the Pro Makeup application kit which includes 2oz Pros-aide, 4oz adhesive remover, translucent powder & powder puff, 1oz alcohol, makeup brush kit, sponge wedges and a special RMG makeup palette (black, brown, yellow, white, lite flesh) and gold water activated makeup.
Lumiere Foam Latex Prosthetic for Beauty and the Beast