Ogre use for Shrek Cowl with Ears - Pre color

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Custom made for FX Warehouse. These are pre-colored Ogre green latex cowl. Ears are included, but you need to glue them on with pros-aide that is included or gorilla glue that you would find at a hardware store. You can either carefully cut a small hole and attach from inside or just attach to the outside with pros-aide that is included with this cowl set. These are adult generic sizes.
Altho they are pre-colored to match our ears and noses we suggest you put makeup on them to make sure they all match exactly. Colors can different from batch to batch. The perk about it being pre-colored is that it's easier to finish the makeup, as it would take less makeup.
Since they are slip latex they can be used many times.
See the tutorial to the left on application. The tutorial shows a cowl that is Not pre colored and has ears attached.

If you're having a hard time pulling over the head, try using some powder in the head to help it slip over. Or you can cut the front and glue the front of the cowl down with Pros-aide. This is a generic adult size and might not fit over every head easily.

We sometimes have 2nds, which might have some pinholes or thin spots. They will look just as good as the best pulls when on stage.
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Ogre use for Shrek Cowl with Ears - Pre color

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