Ogre use for Shrek Cowl with Ears

Product Details

Custom made for FX Warehouse. These Cowls are made of mask latex and can be used several times. These are adult generic size, we call it Medium. This is displayed on Monster Makers headform Alana, which is their female lifesize form. Fits most adults, some older children. If too big pad inside with sheet foam. If too small you can cut up the neck and glue down there also, or a cut up the back with a punch hole at the top of that cut to help it from ripping. Powder inside the cowl to make it easier to slip over the head. This piece measures 23" on the forehead and 21" at the neck. No guarantee on size, as this is not a piece that can be measured properly. Our forehead might not be your forehead.

The ears are easily attached. Included is a small bottle of liquid latex. We used a hot glue gun as well, putting the latex around the edge of the ear, then hot glue further inside the ear to get it to stick to the cowl quickly and allow the latex to self cure. Or you can quick cure the latex with a hair dryer as well.

Ogre PAX paint works well on this piece, and powder over the PAX with translucent powder to set PAX Paint. This cowl is UNPAINTED. We show a picture here so you can see what it looks like when it's painted with our Ogre Green PAX Paint. It took 2oz of PAX to paint this cowl.

See the tutorial to the left on application. .

Ogre use for Shrek Cowl with Ears

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