Ogre use for Shrek Face Foam Latex Prosthetic by MWA

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  This is for the front face only. Click on photos. Add Makeup kit or extras as you add to cart. We also have the Cowl / Hood with ears available in a deluxe and economy version. The Cowl/Hood is Not included  and needs to be purchased separately.

Made of foam latex. Glue to edges to clean skin using Pros-Aide. This piece is a little different from the one in the tutorial. This is our new piece. The eyebrows are not included and above the mouth is open. This makes it more comfortable and you can use the actors eyebrows, or add extra eyebrow with crepe hair. To add fuller eyebrows apply crepe hair over the actors brow using spirit gum.

Shrek Tips

Thank you for your interest in our Shrek professional makeup. We always suggest you speak to your makeup artist as they are the ones who will know how much makeup and what they want to use and how to apply it. FX Warehouse sells professional makeup, we're just a retail shop and don't teach.
But we understand that some companies cannot afford a special fx makeup artist and so we have a few pointers. The job of a makeup artist is to make up your supply list for your production. This can be time consuming. Please sit down with a pencil, paper and those who will be applying the makeup and do an outline of your production, how many days, what characters, etc, and list it all out. This will give you your order list.
First, watch our 45 minute tutorial on applying these pieces. You'll see the link here in red under the pictures.
You can use any of these to paint your pieces: PAX paint is an adhesive makeup. It can be sponged on or diluted and airbrushed. Since this is an adhesive paint you will need to powder over it to get rid of the stickiness. 1 to 4oz per face, depending on how many layers you need to make a smooth finish. You can also apply it to skin, but you will need PAX remover or Super Solv to take it off RMG or Rubber Mask Grease paint is a grease cream makeup and will need to be powdered to set it so it doesn't smear. 1oz of RMG would be enough for at least 2 faces. Pros-aide based out then airbrush makeup : Apply a layer of Pros-Aide adhesive to the piece first and then airbrush the makeup. You might need a few layers of makeup to get it even. 1oz of Pros-aide would cover 1 face. Professionals like to 'warm' the piece up before the main color and use Autumn Leaves PAX paint or similar. It helps the main color pop. So 1 layer of pros-aide, powder, and then pax and powder.
Water Based makeup, is just makeup cakes that you activate with water and sponge on. This does not need to be powdered as it is matt when dry. These also work well on skin and not just for prosthetics.
Ben Nye Creme pots and Mehron sticks can be used like the rubber mask grease paint. These also work well on regular skin and not just prosthetics. Powder to set

How many times can you use a foam latex prosthetic? These are basically a 1 time use. If you're very careful with removal you can get 2 , 3 or 4 uses out of them. Every time you take the piece off it takes away some of the edge and handling also degrades the rubber. We've had customers who use these 10 times or more, but by that time they're a bit messy.
The Shrek cowl is made of slip latex and can reused many times. Apply with pros-aide, remover with 99% alcohol. Can you hear with the cowl on? You can cut a hole near the ear, be careful to not tear the latex. It's best if you glue some kind of screen on that hole which can be painted green to match the cowl. You can use Pros-aide for the adhesive. Cowl too big or small? These are 1 size adult generic pieces. If too big try to glue some sheet foam to the inside. If it's too tight, are fully cut a small slit under the chin. A hole puncher to punch a hole at the end of that slit will help keep it from tearing. Or you can cut the face opening a little bigger round. If you're having a hard time pulling over the head, try using some powder in the head to help it slip over. Or you can cut the front and glue the front of the cowl down with Pros-aide. This is a generic adult size and might not fit over every head easily.  Glue the ears on with the pros-aide provided or gorilla glue that you find at a hardware store.

There are no 'quick' applications. They all take time. It also takes time to remove prosthetics. Which might take 15 to 20 minutes . Do so slowly and use a lot of remover to keep from tearing your piece. After removal clean your piece with the remover you just used, either Super Solv , Bond Off or PAX & Pros-Aide remover. Let the piece air out so the remover evaporates , which might take a day. If you re apply the piece and the remover is still on it, it might not adhere.
To find out how much you need you'll have to sit down with your makeup artist, make a list of what pieces will be applied, how many times, etc.. and then go from there. This is a time consuming process. All our customers are doing different applications.
1 to 2oz of Pros-Aide is enough for a full face piece like the Shrek Face. Get at least twice the amount of remover.

We also have an Orge application kit that would be enough for 1 to 2 applications. :for additonal $79
2oz Ogre PAX Paint
2oz Pro Adhesive
4oz Adhesive Remover
Translucent Powder
Powder Puff
Makeup Wedges
Crepe Hair
RMG Makeup Palette
Brush Kit

NOTE: Winter Warning: This kit includes Pros-aide and if frozen may ruin. Suggested shipping is overnite or 2nd day air. Check the map to see if you are close enough to Philadelphia to go ground with a 1 to 2 day ship. Order at your own risk during freezing weather.

Ogre use for Shrek Face Foam Latex Prosthetic by MWA

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