Shrek/Ogre Makeup Application Kit

Product Details

This kit includes everything you need to apply our Orge/Shrek Facep rosthetic and cowl. Good for a 1 or 2 applications. Does NOT include prosthetic or Cowl
Click the red link under the picture to watch our Skrek tutorial on how to apply makeup and prosthetics.
2oz Ogre PAX Paint
2oz Pros-aide
4oz Adhesive Remover
Translucent Powder
Powder Puff
Makeup Wedges
Crepe Hair
RMG Makeup Palette
Brush Kit

NOTE: Winter Warning: This kit includes Pros-aide and if frozen may ruin. Suggested shipping is overnite or 2nd day air. Check the map to see if you are close enough to Philadelphia to go ground with a 1 to 2 day ship. Order at your own risk during freezing weather.

Shrek/Ogre Makeup Application Kit

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