Joker Silicone Prosthetics

Product Details

Hand made by our artists at FX Warehouse, these flexible, skin soft Joker Smiles are top of the line. They are made of the same silicone used in the movie. They're internally pre-colored to make it easier to finish. Included to adhere is Silicone Patch. The silicone patch is the same used in the movie. You mix it 50/50 and spread it very thin on the piece and attach it. It takes a few minutes for it to set up so you have a little time to make sure it's in the right place.
Removal is easy, as it just peels off. The layer you used to apply is so thin that it does not build up the piece, and can be used again easily.

Add 3 cream makeups in white, red & black

Add 1/2 oz Green UV Aquacolor to color hair. This is water activated and applied to hair with a sponge wedge. Stays in and doesn't rub off until you shampoo out.

Add an additional 6gram 2 part silicone patch kit.
Joker Silicone Prosthetics