Shrek Super Hero Chin / Cheek Foam Latex Prosthetic

Product Details

Made of soft 3D foam latex which is flexible, moves with your skin and easy to paint. Foam latex prostehtics are basically a 1 time use. Each time you remove the piece you lose part of the blending edge. If you are very careful, take your time and use a lof of remover you may be able to get multiple uses out of it. If you choose to reuse, clean the prosthetic of all adhesive, let air dry for 24 hours, then powder, place in a ziplock baggie away from sunlight.

You can purchase just the Cheek/Chin piece alone. This is great for all kinds of characters, such as super heros or fleshier characters. Great for Shrek! Add a Shrek nose for that makeup application.

Sculpted and molded by award winning makeup artist Thomas Surprenant.
Shrek Super Hero Chin / Cheek Foam Latex Prosthetic