Bajoran Nose Ridge

Product Details

Shown in the first picture is the foam latex prosthetic. We suggest using pros-aide or pro adhesive to adhere foam latex. Spirit gum will just dry up and crack off your face.

Foam latex prosthetics are basically a 1 time use, when you remove it you also remove part of the edge. If you're very careful, take your time and use a lot of remover you may be able to get a 2nd use out of it.

Foam latex have thin edges that easily blend into the skin, whereas the slip latex edges aren't as thin and you may need latex to blend into your skin better.

The second picture is our economy version in slip latex.

I have these for sale separately Or you can purchase them with my 'kit' which includes 1/4 oz pro adhesive and 1oz adhesive remover.
#1 Foam Latex
#2 Foam plus glue 'kit'
#3 1 Economy Latex
#4 Economy plus glue 'kit'
WINTER WARNING for adhesive. Pro adhesive may freeze and ruin during shipping in freezing weather. If that happens it will become solid and unusable. If you order with adhesive you will be ordering at your own risk during freezing weather. I will not replace or refund for this item if it freezes.
Bajoran Nose Ridge