Cat Lion Foam Latex Prosthetic Nose

Product Details

This cool foam latex prosthetic was created by award winning makeup artist Thom Surprenant for FX Warehouse's brand MWA. Great looking piece that will fit most adult. Use as a cat or a lion.
Glue the prosthetic down using Pros-aide or Pro Adhesive. Remove with Agent X, Super Solv, Bond Off or Isopropyl Myristate.

You could also get this same nose in slip latex instead of foam latex. Slip latex is hollow and is made of the same rubber that Halloween masks are made of. Foam latex is spongy and solid, but moves with your face and looks more like skin.

Foam latex prosthetics are basically a 1 time use. If you're very careful removing it you may get a 2nd or 3rd. Each time you remove it you loose part of the blending edge and degrade the foam a bit more. Paint with PAX paint, RMG, water activated makeup or Skin Illustrators.

Add a Pro makeup kit
Kit Includes:
4 makeup colors, white, ochre, brown, black, pink for Lion
1 oz Pro Adhesive
2oz Adhesive remover
1 translucent powder
1 powder puff
foam sponge wedges
mini brush kit

This Pro makeup kit is available with PAX paint, which is an adhesive paint and will stay on all day. Or if you'd rather use a gentler makeup it's also available in rubber mask grease paint (RMG), which is a creamy makeup that you would set with translucent powder. If putting on a child we recomment using the RMG

Cat Lion Foam Latex Prosthetic Nose