Finger Extensions - latex

Product Details

Adult size. A set of 10 finger extensions made of slip/mask latex. Easy to paint.
Suggested paint is PAX, which is a professional adhesive paint. It's brush or stippled on and lightly powdered to get rid of any tackiness.
Offered is also 1 oz of PAX paint in the color of your choice plus 1/4oz black PAX for the nails (additional $24).
The finger extensions alone, which come unpainted, are $34.00 for the set

You can reuse these over and over again, if you take care of them properly. After use, if you use any adhesive (which isn't always needed depending on your finger size) make sure the adhesive is cleaned from the pieces, powdered and then kept in an airtight container away from sunlight, excessive heat or cold.
If you need adhesive please see our adhesive section. 
Finger Extensions - latex