Mileena #1 Inspired Fang Cheeks Foam Latex Prosthetics

Product Details

These foam latex prosthetics are truly professional with great blending edges.  Foam latex is a soft 3D latex that moves with your skin. We suggest using Pros-aide, which is a very strong adhesive that stays on until you take it off with a special remover. Spirit gum will not hold prosthetics for very long as it dries, cracks and then the piece comes off.

 We like to use PAX paint or RMG (rubber mask grease) to paint these. If you have a foundation that works for you, you can paint the skin part with it so it blends in easily with your real skin.

Add a small application kit which comes with

1oz pros-aide
2oz adhesive remover
RGM makeup in white, brown, yellow and blood red
setting powder
powder puff
mini brush kit
Mileena #1  Inspired Fang Cheeks Foam Latex Prosthetics