The Ventilator - 'Filter Face' Foam Latex Prosthetic

Product Details

Created by award winning makeup artist Thomas Surprenant. This is an exclusive for FX Warehouse. Made of flexible 3D foam latex the face/nose glues to you skin using Pros-aide or Pro Adhesive. The filter is also foam latex and fits into the mouth opening. We've burned out a few holes in the filter to make it easier to breathe. You can attach the filter to the face using 2 way tape, velcro or small magnets. We feel the velcro would be the best way to keep the filter over the mouth but still allow for removal for drinking and eating. We've burned a few holes in the front 'filter' to give you a little more air flow.

Foam latex prosthetics are basically a one time use. But if you are very careful, use a lot or remover and take your time you should be able to get multiple uses. If you reuse then clean the prosthetic of glue and let air out for 24 hours. Then powder it with translucent powder and store in a zip lock baggie away from sunlight.

To paint use PAX paint or RMG (rubber mask grease) for the skin part. PAX works great for the black filter part or Pilot paint markers (which we don't carry but you can purchase at an art supply shop) is best for any metal color.
The Ventilator - 'Filter Face' Foam Latex Prosthetic