Twilight Eye Of The Beholder Foam Latex Prosthetic

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$59.00 for prosthetic only

Inspired by the Twilight Zone 'Eye of the Beholder'. This great foam latex prosthetic moves with you, so it's very realistic. See our How To section on applying a prosthetic. Click the link to the left to watch Josh do finishing makeup the Monster Mania convention we attended.

Add a Pro Application Kit which includes, Pros-aide adhesive, remover, sponges, powder, pufff, 5 color RMG makeup palette in medium caucasian flesh as seen in the finished makeup. If you'd like a different color palette please contact us

2 different sizes. The only on the left and on the applied makeup is the smaller one that fits a female face. The one on the right is slighly larger for a man's face. You'll notice the lips go up on different sides depending on which piece it is.

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Twilight Eye Of The Beholder Foam Latex Prosthetic

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