Shrek Latex Cowl Deluxe Only 1 Left

Product Details

This cowl is made of mask latex so it can easily be used quite a few times. It is UNPAINTED. We have an example of what it looks like painted. We used 2oz of Ogre Green PAX Paint stippled on the latex with a sponge wedge.

It is displayed in these photos on a female headform made by Monster Makers and is lifesize. It measures  27 1/2" around the forehead and 21" around the neck. It will fit most adults and fits larger heads better than our economy Ogre Cowl. Since it is latex it will have some stretch.
If too big pad the inside with sheet foam and if you need more room you can cut it up the front and glue it down on the neck, or cut up the back and holepunch the top of the cut to help it from ripping.

If you want to cut out little holes around the ears, glue a mesh piece to cover it and paint it with the same makeup you use to paint the whole cowl.

Sculpt by Jeffrey Taylor, produced in shop by FX Warehouse.

Shrek Latex Cowl Deluxe Only 1 Left