Cardassian Star Trek Foam Latex Prosthetic

Product Details

Sculpted and molded by award winning makeup artist Thomas Surprenant. 

Click the red link to see how Thomas apples and paints this piece.

Foam latex prosthetics are basically a 1 time use. When you remove the prosthetic you loose part of the blending edge. If you are very careful, use a lot of remover and take your time you may be able to get multiple uses out of it. If you decide to reuse, clean the prosthetic of adhesive and leave it on a form and let the remover evaporate for about 24 hours. Powder the prosthetic and place in a zip lock baggie away from sunlite.

$79 is for facial pieces only.  Addition cost of shoulders is $20, which you can add on here.

Add a pro makeup kit for additional $49

Our pro kit includes:
1oz Pro Adhesive
2oz Adhesive Remover
Cardassian PAX Paint
Single makeups for shading and highlites
1 Mini Brush Kit
1 Translucent Powder
1 Powder Puff
Sponge Wedges

Cardassian Star Trek Foam Latex Prosthetic