Fairy Pixie Nose Tip Foam Latex

Product Details

Foam latex prosthetic nose tip, which is 3D solid yet very soft and flexible, moves and looks like real skin. This is the tip of the nose so it will fit just about anyone.

Foam latex prosthetics are basically a one time use. When you remove the piece you loose part of the blending edge. If you use a lot of remover you may be able to get a 2nd application, but I won't guarantee.

We suggest using Pro Adhesive for the foam latex piece, as it will hold all day and not dry up and crack, like the spirit gum does. If you use pro adhesive you'll need a special remover to take it off, slowly and carefully. I offer a 'kit' of 1/4 oz pro adhesive and 1oz remover for an extra $15

WINTER WARNING for adhesive : if you ware purchasing the pro adhesive with this piece , be aware: If pro adhesive freezes during freezing weather it will become solid and unusable. I do not guarantee this item during freezing weather. Order at your own risk. I will not refund or replace for this item. Thank you
Fairy Pixie Nose Tip Foam Latex