Young Frankenstein Foam Latex Prosthetic Forehead/Brow

Product Details

Made of soft flexible skin like foam latex. Apply with Pros-aide or Pro Adhesive, which are professional strong adhesives that keep your pieces on your face until you take them off. Remove with Agent X, Super Solv or Bond Off! remover.

This fits larger adults Only. If you know how to do prosthetics you could probably make it work on smaller heads, but we made it to fit adult males.

Foam latex prosthetics are 3 dimensional (not hollow) and are usually a 1 time use. The have thin edges that blend into the skin. Each time when you remove it you'll loose part of the edge as well as degrade the piece a bit more. If you take your time and very careful removing it you might get a 2nd use or maybe even a 3rd. Clean the piece when removed, powder it and set somewhere away from light in a baggy.

You can paint these pieces with several different makeups. You can use Rubber Mask Grease RMG, PAX paint, Skin Illustrators, or water activated makeup.

Add a pair of latex Neck bolts , made of latex and already painted silver. We suggest using pro adhesive to glue these on, spirit gum is not strong enough. Cost $15.00

Add a basic Pro makeup kit which includes:
1 RMG Makeup Palette with 2 greens, 1 grey, 1 ocher, 1 black
1 silver makeup
1oz pro adhesive
2oz adhesive remover
1 setting powder
1 powder puff
sponge wedges
1 mini brush kit
Cost $49.00

Young Frankenstein Foam Latex Prosthetic Forehead/Brow