OUT OF STOCK Alien Foam Latex Prosthetic

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Created, scuplted and molded by award winning makeup artist Thomas Surprenant. The chin has a thin membrane connecting it to the rest of the face and should be taken apart from the main piece by olding the prsthetic close to the edge and gently pulling apart.

Foam latex is a soft 3D foam that moves and looks like real skin. Recommended paint with rubber mask grease (RMG), PAX paints or Alcohol Activated.
Foam latex prosthetics are basically a 1 time use. If you are very careful, use a lot of remover and take your time you may be able to get multiple uses out of it. If you do, make sure you clean
the piece of all adhesives, powder it with translucent powder and store in a ziploc baggie away from light.

This will come with some instructions and be warned that when you have the plastic orb eyes in , especially after you've painted them, vision will be very much impaired. Do NOT drive or anything that
you need to see when wearing this piece.
The orbs are not to be glued to the face. Around the inside lip of the prosthetic eye is where these orbs will be inserted without glue and they will sit inside the foam latex. This makes it easy for you to
take them out so you can see.
We suggest you also paint that eye area so when you're not wearing the orbs you still have a complete makeup look.

Included is the prosthetic and a pair of plastic orb eyes.

Add a Pro Makeup kit which includes:
1 RMG makeup palette with 5 colors - basic colors for this makeup, some blending and mixing might be required
1oz Pro Adhesive
2oz Adhesive Remover
1 Translucent Powdre
1 Powder Puff
1 Mini Brush Kit
6 sponge Wedges

OUT OF STOCK Alien Foam Latex Prosthetic